Sunday, March 24, 2019

First Electric Water Boiling of the Year!

The other day we finally reached a nice, solid float voltage on the batteries with a few hours of good sunlight left in the day, so I opted to plug in the induction stove and warm a full kettle of water using the power of the sun!

Whistling merrily along here, but hard to see the steam.  Let's try a different angle!

Whelp, this isn't much better, but you sure can see how bright the sun is!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

High Snow

Everyone seems to agree that we've received an above average amount of snow here this winter.  A couple of  days ago it finally warmed up above freezing and things started to melt.  This caused the snow to slide off the front porch of the cabin in dramatic fashion - as well as completely around the wood shed.

Child for scale:

We just have to repeat this picture once the snow is gone to see how the bank stacks up.

He's waist-high to the top of the humanure hacienda!

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Wildlife Update: 9 March, 2019 (Fox)

Here's some beautiful shots from my latest card swap.

Didn't even notice it on the thumbnail!

But then saw the footprints developing.

What a warm tail that must be.

Friday, March 1, 2019

Condensation in the Cabin

The extended periods of -30 degree weather played havoc here at the homestead.

The most egregious issue was around the chimney.  Inside my little attic chimney room, the air must have been extremely cold, and when moisture infiltrated from the cabin itself, it froze within the rock wool insulation.  Once temperatures warmed up to a more balmy twenty below, that moisture condensed and ran back down the chimney and onto the woodstove.  I set up an aluminum foil "trough" to direct the water into a stock pot on the stovetop, but it still stained the wood around the chimney, and has given me another attic project for this summer - try to seal it up more vapour tight than it already is.

Looks fine from above.
Not so much from below.

My fancy indoor eave's trough.

Very frosty window!

Ugh, more water issues.

I really need to frame this door properly, look at that frosty buildup!

Gaps like this sure don't help the situation!