Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Portable Shower Revisited

The other night we reassembled the portable shower. This time I put Panasonic Alkaline batteries into the sump pump and it made a huge difference compared to Walmart "Great Value" brand batteries, and an even greater one compared to Dollarama Zinc Carbide batteries.  We were actually able to pump water a couple feet higher than the reservoir.

Previously, we just poured water onto ourselves with pitchers because the pump couldn't supply any water to the showerhead.

I put a pail on the stand beside the sink, and poured some nice warm water over the pump.

Needs more warm water!
I had to crouch, which was a bit uncomfortable, so I'd look into mounting the shower head higher.  I also wish I was able to shut off the flow of water from inside - I think a pull chain type arrangement would be perfect.

This came out to be a little low, but serviceable.

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