Saturday, February 25, 2017

Scrambled Eggs in the Rice Cooker

Just another quick post/tip for interested parties...

I really enjoy cooking slowly with things like the rice cooker or slow cooker - you don't have to give much supervision, and they turn out nearly perfect every time.

One super easy meal that is even Kenny approved is scrambled eggs - and they are dead easy to make in the rice cooker.  Myself, I like to wrap them in a tortilla to eat them, but Kenny is happy to use a regular old fork.

Just combine all the ingredients that you like in your scrambled eggs, pour them into the cooker and click it onto "cook".

Lots of sun = easy living.
It will click back to "warm" after a bit, when the outer layer of eggs have curdled.  You then lift the lid, stir it all up again, and then click on "cook" again.

A few more goes like this, and then they are done - never burned - and at any point you can just let them coast on "warm" until you either serve them, or need to stir them again.

One other tip I have learned through much trial and error - one tablespoon of milk for each egg gives them the perfect fluffiness!

A little parmesan, some leftover bell peppers, my home-grown alfalfa sprouts and diced ham.

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