Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sealing an Entrance to the Crawlspace

I originally put in accesses to the crawlspace.  Two doors in the pantry (so we could lower food into that space and use it as a cold storage), and one at the bottom of the stairs (where I had originally envisioned putting in our solar batteries, but then lost my nerve at the notion of explosive gasses accumulating while charging).

Now that I'm no longer storing batteries indoors, I have finally realized just how much cold air was leaking out around the edges of the door.  I decided that sealing it up would be the best option.

I assembled a piece of plywood that would more than cover the hole underneath, a length of two by four to create a new "joist" to attach the lid of the access to so that it would be extra firm, some spray foam and stone wool insulation.

First of all I measured and cut and installed the joist.

It's an older joist, but it checks out.
Then I cursed my foolishness when I realized that the plywood I had cut needed to fit through the hole diagonally, and with the joist in place, I couldn't get it into the crawlspace.  So...

I removed the joist.

I put the plywood down below, hopped into the crawlspace, and screwed the plywood to the bottom of the access.

Looks nice.
I came up in the pantry, dusted off and then returned to the bottom of the stairs.

I reinstalled my joist, and then used my spray foam around the edge of the plywood.  Unfortunately my foam ran out surprisingly quickly.  So I asked Donna to bring me more as she was in the city with Kenny at the Countdown Escape Room.

A disappointingly small amount of foam from the first can.
Still, I can install the joist while waiting.
When she returned, I filled in more foam under the outside edge.

This is helping!

This looks a bit better.  Can you believe I thought I'd fill the whole space?!
Then I added the stone wool.

This should help to keep things a bit less draughty and cold!
Finally I put the lid back on, and countersunk several screws into it to hold it firmly down.  No more draughts!

Eventually I plan on laying a new floor on top of everything, so that should cover up any cosmetic issues.

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