Thursday, May 12, 2016

My Little Dojo In A Yurt

With Kenny and I both deciding to take a break from Judo, I still wanted to continue our training.  As such, we had cleaned out the larger yurt to allow for potential purchasers to view it, and I decided to use it as a good training space for us.

We have been trying to get out there a few times a week for both taijutsu training, as well as some buki waza (so far aiki ken practise).

After a few rounds on the plywood, we decided to wimp out and add some cheap puzzle mats.  I think they actually look nice here.

Complete with a nice picture of O'Sensei.  Now we just need a kamidana?
If anyone wants to join us for training - we're game!

Still smiling even after hard keiko!

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