Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tweaking and Improving an Ikea Norden Table

I really cannot complain about our Ikea purchases.  The kitchen went together quickly and the corner sink was at a price that was difficult to beat!  In the bathroom, the porcelain sink there was a revelation, and really fits the space well.

A few oddities with how the sink fit into the kitchen are easily overlooked and really only noticeable when you are working on the plumbing.

Our chairs are over a decade old, and while not going strong, are still serviceable on a day to day basis.

The Norden table we purchased though had a noticeable fit issue, and was very heavy to move.  I decided to deal with both these issues yesterday.  The centre drawer supports/runners were well fit at the base, but as they rose to the tabletop, they spread apart to such an extent that the top drawers were not in the runners, but were constantly falling off the rails on one side or the other.

First up, Kenny and I removed the tabletop carefully.
Clamp the sides together and lay the bar on top of the supports.
Drill the new holes just slightly to the outside of the original ones.  Of course, after drilling the holes is the right time to test fit a drawer, right?
Replace the screws and we're golden! 
Now, to add casters onto one side of the table, carefully mark off the height of the wheels. 
Cut, sand and mark for the casters.  Predrilling is essential to prevent splitting the legs.
With the wheels in place, return the supports to the tabletop for mounting.

Knock, knock - who's there? - the law! - the law who? - THE LAW OF UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES!  Rats, moving those metal bars out a quarter inch put them right on top of the hinges from the tabletop - time to redrill everything towards the inside of the table. 
Marking the bit to ensure I don't drill right through the tabletop! 
Looks great!  Works great!

With only two casters, one still has to lift the far side of the table to move it, but they are on swivels, so it's easy to move in any direction at will.

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