Friday, September 20, 2013

The Floor In The Sauna Change Room

The floor of the change room didn't need to be quite so waterproof as in the "wet" areas of the sauna.  As such, I opted to finish it off in red pine.

 Unlike V jointed lumber, tongue and groove boards fit together nearly flush for a perfectly flat finish (or thereabouts).  Otherwise, installation is the same as for V joint.
I lay down a double layer of my OSB and then put down the V joint over top of that.

Also in the change room I provided a trap door to gain access to the crawlspace under the sauna.  Instead of any fancy fittings to lift the board, I simply drilled out two 1" diameter holes at each end of the board.  No hinge or anything showy, just lift out and climb in.

The floor looked great for a few hours, until continued construction traffic dirtied it completely up.  I'm hoping that once construction in the sauna tapers off, I'll get a chance to clean, sand, and treat it.  In the meantime, I suppose it is developing some character!

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