Monday, August 15, 2016

Filling the Woodshed AKA Revisiting the Norwood Log Arch

Now that the shed is finished and Grandpa has been ploughing through my loose pile of dry wood, I felt I could try to get out to the bush on a not so rainy day and skid in a few logs that had been out there for a year or more.

Last year Grandpa cut down a huge birch tree that must have suffered a lightening strike early on in its lifetime.  He cut off the upper branches, which were large in their own right, leaving a seven foot log of imposing weight and size.

I brought the arch back to it, but together we realized that it was still too large.  Grandpa volunteered to try to use my electric chainsaw to split it into two smaller logs.  In the meantime, I used the winch on the ATV to pull up the upper branches into a better position for me to skid out with the arch.

Starting out small.
I was able to get some of the less desirable logs hauled to the new woodshed, and then the remainder I took up to the mill.

Got a few ready for cutting up, and still able to make my getaway around the shed!  No need to back up!

Kenny channeling his inner log driver.
After I left with the last of the birch logs, Grandpa felled another large, dead but standing jack pine.  Today I returned to haul it out too.  First off I took two eight foot logs from the top, where they were too punky to be of use for lumber.

That's right, I can do TWO AT ONCE!

Still some good wood in the centre.
Then I managed to use the arch to pull out the remaining twenty four foot log.  It had some good solid wood still in the core that I'm confident can produce a few two by fours for me.  It was quite a job to thread it through the narrow trails in the bush, and even more of a nail biter to try to drag it between the car and the truck to the mill!  Again, the Norwood arch performed really, really well.  I would never have been able to get the trees out as easily, or as cleanly, or on my own schedule without it.  I'm quite pleased with the purchase thus far.

A tight fit!
Finally I began cutting and splitting the birch from earlier.  I was very surprised to find that it was still soaking wet in the centre!  It had been cut over a year ago, and wasn't resting in a swamp or anything like that...  Oh well, I guess I just have to start piling it around the outside of the woodshed to burn NEXT winter.

Mixing golf with blueberry picking.

The fruits of Kenny and Donna's labour!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

My Custom Designed Woodshed is Finished.

It's done - and it looks good!

After returning from vacation, I kept trying to squeeze in a bit of work on the woodshed between doing household chores and educating/entertaining Kenny.  This usually meant that I could only put up two or three sheets of steel on the roof.
Slow progress during the week.  Kenny started piling, but Grandpa sure added to it!
The whole time, Grandpa was visiting daily to split wood for an few hours and pile it inside, now that the bare minimum roof was on.

This past Friday though, Mama was home so I didn't feel too many qualms about heading out in the morning with a real intent to TCB.
An early start.  Already have the gable end closed in with my own planks.
A view from a bit further back.
Not much to say, I just kept plugging away non-stop and was able, with very judicious cutting and measuring, to finish the project without having to purchase any extra sheets of steel (something I was nearly certain I would have to do when I started), or using up any strange colours on the back side (something that Grandpa thought would occur, while Donna merely granted assent if required).

A view of the roof from inside.  This should keep most of the rain and snow out.
Grandpa just keeps piling it on!
Checking my aspirations.
Kenny set up this shot all on his own.  He thought it would look neat.
All finished, and now time to really fill her up!
Of course, I did use up some spare pieces I had from previous projects (and the sheds that I'm dismantling due to obsolescence).  Oh, and a few of the protective cover sheets that come with steel shipments.

Grandpa has been continuing to split and pile my dry wood inside the shed this week.  I am hoping that this weekend I can get another large chunk of time where I can bring in more wood to ensure that the shed is full, as well as to begin the drying process for next year too.  I'd like to stay far ahead of the curve so that I can endure even a Westerosi winter.

Taking a break by spending the night at camp.  Donna wanted to capture Ken and the waxing moon out over the lake.  Looks fantastic!

Friday, August 5, 2016

A Windows Tip - SendTo Recursively.

Not sure how many people will actually find this useful, but I just realized it myself, and it's pretty helpful.

I find the "right-click - send to:" option immensely helpful, but also like that it can be customized.  I am often organizing and reorganizing files and folders, and find myself cutting and pasting to the same directories 80% of the time, and then a new directory for a month or two...  Today, as I hit up the run box (Windows - R), and then entering the sendto directory (shell:sendto), I tried something new.  I went up a directory, then right-clicked and selected "create shortcut".  Then I cut and pasted the sendto shortcut BACK into the sendto directory.

Light bulb!  Now I could right click on any shortcut, and "send to - send to!".  This lets me quickly and easily add to the right click options.  Awesome!

Nota Bene:  One must only use this feature on shortcuts.  If you use it on the original directory, you will copy the whole directory into the sendto directory - certainly not what you would really want.

Enjoy it for what it's worth!